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The 2007 Mac Race

Ladies and gents, dogs and ponies, hamburgers and gravies… (gravys? gravy’s? gravii? Hmmmm…):

The 2007 Mac Race is here! Are you one of the TENS of people who visit this site? Are you one of the ONES of people who might mildly be interested in haphazardly checking in on our race progress? Are you a search engine spider looking for more material? Yes? WELL THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!

Unplugged’s 2007 Mac Race progress can be followed here. Will we survive the new, longer course? Will we throw a tow rope around an unsuspecting SC-70? Will our combat torpedos FINALLY ARRIVE IN TIME FOR THE RACE THIS YEAR? Only time will tell. And the local police wire.

I can promise you this much, we won’t get in as bad a situation as this guy.

We’ll have our sails up. We’ll have right of way. Idiot.


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I took photos of the 2004 Port Sanilac fireworks aboard Unplugged. The show is always very good for a small town budget.

Want to see more? Check out Misfits on flickr.

And just for you, here’s a video of the finale!

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