Unplugged Sailing

More than just a boat

Defamation of Character

Got 6-23 large? Charter Unplugged!

Ok so… not really. But let’s do a boat for boat comparison and see who comes out the winner:


 Poor Unplugged:

Poor Man's Unplugged

Rich Unplugged:

Rich Man's Unplugged 

Everyone knows that short and stubby beats long and full of ammenities ANY day.

Winner: Poor Unplugged


Poor Unplugged: Roughly 10,000 lbs
Rich Unplugged: Roughly 300,000 lbs

Well this is easy. Rich Unplugged weighs 30 times as much as Poor Unplugged! And it’s only 4 times as long! I’m sure glad Poor Unplugged doesn’t have a 15′ Novamarine tender (50hp), waterskis, windsurfer, 2 Laser sailing dinghies, jetskis (one twin, one single), scuba equipment, fishing gear, A/C, TVs, VCRs, and satellite telephone to weigh us down. What a waste.

Winner: Poor Unplugged

Hot Tubs

Poor Unplugged: N/A
Rich Unplugged:


Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Winner: Rich Unplugged

Travel into Head Seas

Rich Unplugged has a hot tub in the bow, so that can’t be good for going into waves… but then again, the Catalina is a Catalina…

Winner: Tie

Estimated Retail Price (New)

Poor Unplugged: Roughly 75-100k
Rich Unplugged: Roughly 3-4 MILLION

Again… over 30 times the price for only 4 times the length. Someone got ripped off!

Winner: Poor Unplugged

Home Port

Poor Unplugged: Lovely and scenic Port Sanilac!
Rich Unplugged: Somewhere in the West Mediterranean

Well this is easy. I mean, it’s EUROPE. They like silly things like tea and crumpets and cricket.

Winner: Poor Unplugged  

Well, at this point, it’s already 4.5 – 1.5. Quite the slaughter. I’ll spare Rich Unplugged any more embarassment. Enjoy the West Mediterranean (and the Carribean during the winter).


July 10, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, Links

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