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A couple years ago when we won our class in the Mac Race, our local newspaper ran quite the epic story about us. Now, apparently, we’re print-worthy before we even start the race! Check it out:

Win or not, Tim Clayson of Farmington Hills says “it’s a good adventure for family and friends to go on.” He and sons Christopher, 24, and Brian, 22, will compete with his 30-foot Catalina Unplugged. This is Clayson’s seventh year in the race. In 2003, he took first place in his class.

“Other than the Chicago-Mac it’s one of the longest fresh water races in the world,” said Clayson, a member of the Bark Shanty Sail Club in Port Sanilac.

“You’re presented with different challenges at different stages of the race.”

Indeed. Challenges like:

  • Do I listen to Tim or do I listen to Bruce?
  • Flying the spinnaker while asleep.
  • How many hours until Lasagna?
  • Many, MANY sessions of “And the beat goes onnnnnnnnnnn” sing-a-longs.
  • Is that freighter going to hit us? 

Read the entire article (including a picture!) here.


July 9, 2006 - Posted by | Captain Tim, In the News, Mac Race

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