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Google has defined us as more of a reference for the 2006 mac race than the Bayview site… You can color me unsurprised.


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Mac Race Track

Our track to 3rd place.  

Mac Race Track

Starting out from Port Huron, we were able to carry a close beat up the lake to about Port Sanilac. From there, we broke out the chute as the wind backed and we jibed up the lake passing Yare and Talaria in the process. We arrived at Harbor Beach in time to see the fireworks which is always pretty cool to see from the water. About that time, the wind piped up to upper teens/low twenties out of the south and we went on a sleigh ride up the lake rarely falling below 7kts. We decided to stay offshore hoping for the stronger winds, which seemed to bear out. We had to drop the chute to reach towards Thunder Bay light but it came up shortly aftwards as the wind backed further and we ran under the spinnaker continuing at 7+kts until Presque Isle.

Then the wind disappeared.

Late Sunday afternoon and through most of Sunday night we fought to find wind and keep the boat moving. At one point, we had a south wind with mid-80’s temperature and the next moment a north wind at about 50 degrees. Winds came from every direction except the one that was forecast. Finally, the wind filled in from the Southwest and we were on a beat to the finish.

After 200 miles, dawn’s light revealed the top 4 boats within a few hundred yards of each other. We carried a beat into the finish with all crew on the rail in 20 kts of wind.

The Captain

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Double Horizon

The windline gives the impression of a double horizon. Good thing we’re on the right side of it.

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Mac Race Results!

Unplugged is back safe and sound (at least physically) from yet another Mac Race. We took home our second flag with a third in the Cruising D class, and a 12th overall in the Cruising Division. Photos, stats, track plots, and all sorts of other goodies are slowly being processed for all 4 of you who stumble in here to enjoy. Thanks to everyone that supported the 2006 quest, and stay tuned for all sorts of Mac Race fun to be posted here.

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We’re Kind of A Big Deal

…at least to a local sports reporter trying to fill copy during the offseason…

But hey! We’ll take it!

Check out the great article about our race by the Farmington Observer.

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Throw ’em Up

You have just witnessed the first public showing of the secret Unplugged greeting. Well ok, it used to be secret… for a couple days… until I posted it up here…

And yes, it is a requirement that a beer be in the other hand when executing the greeting. The silly smirk, however, is not.

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The countdown to our Mac Race start is on!


to go!

This year sees the return of Chris, ensuring the average crew member weight is easily 200+ lbs.

This year’s Crew:


Also, a special good luck to first-timers Heat Wave. Don’t let that broken engine hold you back!

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Defamation of Character

Got 6-23 large? Charter Unplugged!

Continue reading

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We’re on Speed Dial

A couple years ago when we won our class in the Mac Race, our local newspaper ran quite the epic story about us. Now, apparently, we’re print-worthy before we even start the race! Check it out:

Win or not, Tim Clayson of Farmington Hills says “it’s a good adventure for family and friends to go on.” He and sons Christopher, 24, and Brian, 22, will compete with his 30-foot Catalina Unplugged. This is Clayson’s seventh year in the race. In 2003, he took first place in his class.

“Other than the Chicago-Mac it’s one of the longest fresh water races in the world,” said Clayson, a member of the Bark Shanty Sail Club in Port Sanilac.

“You’re presented with different challenges at different stages of the race.”

Indeed. Challenges like:

  • Do I listen to Tim or do I listen to Bruce?
  • Flying the spinnaker while asleep.
  • How many hours until Lasagna?
  • Many, MANY sessions of “And the beat goes onnnnnnnnnnn” sing-a-longs.
  • Is that freighter going to hit us? 

Read the entire article (including a picture!) here.

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I took photos of the 2004 Port Sanilac fireworks aboard Unplugged. The show is always very good for a small town budget.

Want to see more? Check out Misfits on flickr.

And just for you, here’s a video of the finale!

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